How our Stained Glass Transforms

a House to a Home


With a beautiful range of elegant period styles, colours and gorgeous decorative additions to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect stained glass for you and your home quickly and easily.

Who do you make stained glass for?


R. G. Croudace Glass now designs, makes and fits customizable stained glass for people seeking to enrich the character of the wonderful homes and period properties they love.

We make each stained glass panel specifically for every customer, so it is one of a kind and unqiue right from the start. Customers personalize any design by choosing the glass colours and textures from a range of period styles. Decorative glass additions, such as roundels, cast glass sea shells, plants inside glass and bespoke images can also be chosen to truly reflect your style and home.


Peace of mind is assured with all our stained glass fitted in doors and windows as metal strengthening bars and strips are included inside the lead to provide robustness and longevity.

I am looking for new stained glass to transform my home- how is your stained glass different from others?


What makes our service unique is the attention to detail enabling anyone to personally customize any aspect of each stained glass design. It becomes a colourful and personal reflection of those who call a house a home and a bespoke artistic statement that lasts generations.


We deliver this approach by combining traditional and contemporary glass working techniques, creating fantastic and distinctive glass pieces. Customers can choose from a range of these decorative additions to include in any design; from a small square of kiln-worked glass- made with copper to turn blue and red with air bubbles rising inside- to a larger hand painted or screen printed image fused inside the glass- the stained glass instantly becomes something special to treasure for generations.

Why bother with a leaded stained glass window?


Come rain or shine, a real leaded stained glass window gives beautiful natural colour into your home every day. At different times of the day, light passing through the glass pieces casts light then strong shadows across a room. You notice how one colour is bold and sharp with the morning sun and later in the evening how other colours and textures come to life.

Nearly all the glass we use has natural nuances with bubbles texture on or within the glass, a result from distinctly different manufacturing processes. This all adds to how even the smallest piece of glass looks and feels to effortlessly enhance the timeless character of owning a stained glass design in your home.

The lead in a design also adds a subtle but important design aspect to your stained glass. Its small but important differences in widths draw the eye through a design, leading you to the bespoke and personal touches you have chosen amongst the beautiful glass colours. The texture and shape of the lead cames enrich the feeling of stained glass, adding another dimension in touch and colour to the entire window.

I love stained glass but I live in a modern built home! I don’t think I can have any.


We truly believe stained glass transforms the functional to the beautiful. It has a place in every home as designs can be traditional or contemporary in their styling, so you are sure to find the perfect one. R. G. Croudace Glass has helped homeowners enjoy stained glass by incorporating work into wooden privacy panels that sit across the lower sections of front room windows. Incredibly elegant and stylish, both you and your neighbours see a room full of colour from inside and outside the home. Stained glass panels can also be created to be framed or hang securely in a window too.

How do I choose my stained glass and place an order?


In winter 2014 the website will enable customers to select a Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco or contemporary stained glass design, then include their chosen glass colours along with any decorative additions together with their window dimensions and whether or not installation is desired.

  A running total enables customers to create a design within a budget. You can choose to receive glass samples and a full-size drawing of your design before you buy to see how everything looks and feels in the context of your home, or receive a digital example for free. Clear instructions and diagrams will also be available to accurately measure and provide the dimensions required to create a new stained glass panel. After an order has been submitted R. G. Croudace Glass contacts the customer by email and telephone to talk through the project in detail and understand exactly how it needs to be organized and delivered.

How long does it take to receive my stained glass?


Once your order is received, glass chosen, dimensions confirmed and design approved, an order for a single stained glass panel takes between four and six weeks to construct. For two panels a six to seven week time frame is offered. Bespoke time frames are discussed for more than three panels. However, during busy project schedules a waiting list is necessary.


You are kept up-to-date with the progress your new stained glass by telephone or email. Receipts are provided for the 50% deposit of the total quotation price and when the remaining monies are paid upon completion.

Who installs my new stained glass at my home?


We provide an installation service across the south east of England that removes any exisiting glass and fits your new stained glass into place. The panels are fitted with putties and sealants to weatherproof where the glass meets the window frame.

  Wooden beading is also used where necessary to retain the authentic appearance of stained glass within the home. Alternatively for the able and confident DIY’er clear instuctions and diagrams are provided to confidently remove exisiting glass and the stages to fit a stained glass panel in place.

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